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Functions of Karnataka Tank Conservation and Development Authority;
(1) To exercise regulatory control over all the tanks within its jurisdictions including prevention and removal of encroachment of tank.
(2) To protect, conserve, reclaim, regenerate and restore tanks, ponds, lakes to facilitate recharge of depleting ground water Karnataka Lake Conservation and Development Authority promoting integrated approach with the assistance of concerned Government departments, local and other authorities.
(3) To take up environmental impact assessment studies for any or all tanks
(4) To take up environmental planning and mapping of tanks and their surrounding areas with the help of geographical information system and prepare database and atlas of tanks and their catchments.
(5) to prepare a plan for integrated development of tanks and monitor the expenditure and development of tanks.
(6) To desilt the tank and to encourage the Water resource efficiency and agricultural productivity through integrated approach to land and water management for a balanced economic growth and sustainability in agriculture.
(7) To encourage to integrate various farm enterprises to utilize full potential of the farmer and their natural resource base to maximize their income, employment and economic sustainability.
(8) To encourage Fisheries and allied activity for generation of additional income.
(9) To improve and also create habitat (wet lands) for aquatic biodiversity, water birds and aquatic plants Karnataka Lake Conservation and Development Authority reducing sullage and non-point sewage impacts.
(10) To facilitate for impounding water through storm water drainage system and reduce siltation of tanks Karnataka Lake Conservation and Development Authority taking appropriate soil and water conservation measures including afforestation and to augment recharge of ground water aquifers and revive borewells.
(11) To improve and monitor and water quality, conserve tank ecology on need basis and to protect them against domestic and industrial pollution.
(12) to utilize or allow to utilize the tanks for the purpose of drinking water, irrigation, tourism or any other purpose as the authority may determine.
(13) to encourage participation of communities and voluntary agencies and development of tank and to launch public awareness programmes for tank conservation, preservation and protection.
(14) To advise on any matter that may be referred to it Karnataka Lake Conservation and Development Authority the Government or any institutions.
(15) To promote integrated and coordinated applied the research on all the relevant issues pertaining to tanks.
(16) To do such other acts as the authority may consider necessary, conducive or incidental, directly or indirectly, to achieve the object of this act.
(17) To create a strong data base of all tanks in the state and record all the developmental activities taken up to the tanks periodically.

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